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Your ingame name: TwerrkOnMe

Were you banned from our Hexxit server: I have no idea, one second i was playing, next i was banned.

The message that pops up when you try to connect to any of our Minecraft servers: Reason: Banned by an operator.

The date you think you were banned: 1/22/14

Why you think you should be allowed back onto our servers: Because i have no idea why i was banned and thought i was doing quite well.
Posted Jan 22, 14 · OP
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Hey TwerrkOnMe,

Ill look into this and find out why. Ill PM you with info as to why if you banned for a reason.
Posted Jan 22, 14
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jisaacs1207pp Operator
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You were banned for disrespect, threatening to DDos the server, and then threatening to call our provider to "shut us down." Please don't come back.
Posted Jan 22, 14
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Queen_Anita Banned
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Denied for reasons posted above.
Posted Jan 22, 14
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